The 50-Year-Old Original

Do The Bocni.


funny conversations

Oh how funny! My niece tries also to cheer up my brother with his problems at his work. She told him that there are good books about managing with some humor because it is all about humor. That is true, if you approach some matters with humor they are not so bad after all. But you have to learn that. My sister responded on that message that she has a hard time to manage her husband. She asked if there are also books how to manage your husband with humor. My niece wrote that she can buy the same books ...


My husband wants to change internet provider. He's not so happy with the connection we have, sometimes it's slow and sometimes it's fast. Also, making phone calls quite often gives problems and he already checked all of the components in the house. Now we do not have a connection to the telephone land network, so we can only choose from providers that offer mobile connections. Now apparently one of them placed a new 4g antenna near our house, so that could give some good result. My husband will get a 4g modem and give it a try.

a new computer

Still my new computer is not working. My husband did not buy a completely ready to use computer. He builds the computer with all kind of special parts so it is really how he wants it, although I will be the one who uses the computer the most. I have absolutely no understanding of those parts. I am just a simple user who wants that the computer does what I am asking him. Or is it a she? I don’t know. But if I see the things which must be done it could take a while before I can type ...


Last week my kid came up with another word I had to look up. It was cartilage and apparently that is some tissue we have in our body. Somehow, I really don't know why, this made me think of the man of atlantis who later on played in dallas. Who doesn't remember this? I really enjoyed watching that and I heard that they will continue the series soon. I wonder if it will be a similar success story as it was, because now there are hundreds of tv channels, while there were only four at the time of dallas. Well, ...

Byggnation i full gång

Det är bra att byggnationen har kommit igång igen efter krisen och det finns många företag som har bra uppdrag. Speciellt när det gäller bygguppdrag stockholm går det väldigt framåt. Det är en fördel för företag att vara i eller omkring huvudstaden för det finns mest jobb där. Dessa företag har jobbat hårt för att bestå och har gjort det riktigt bra. Det är roligt att se hur företag klarar sig genom kriser och kan fortsätta sitt fina arbete, det är ju tyvärr många som också har fått lägga ner.